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Lazy Beach Hotel


Lazy Beach Hotel Lazy Beach Hotel 4

Танзания, Кендва

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Отель Lazy Beach расположен в городе Кендва, в 2,7 км от пляжа Нунгви. К услугам гостей ресторан, бесплатная частная парковка, открытый бассейн и бар. К услугам гостей этого 4-звездочного отеля сад и номера с кондиционером, бесплатным Wi-Fi и собственной ванной комнатой. К услугам гостей круглосуточная стойка регистрации, доставка еды и напитков в номер и обмен валюты. Все номера оснащены письменным столом и чайником.

Гостям предлагается континентальный завтрак или завтрак по меню. В отеле Lazy Beach есть терраса.

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Расстояние до международного аэропорта имени Абейда Амани Каруме составляет 52 км. За дополнительную плату организуется трансфер от/до аэропорта.


  • Разнообразие блюд
  • Лучший пляж
  • Бесплатный wi-fi

Типы номеров

Все номера оборудованы кондиционером, собственной ванной комнатой, письменным столом и чайником.

Характеристика номера:

Количество номеров 29
  • терраса
  • кондиционер
  • Wi-Fi
  • ванна
  • туалет
  • набор для кофе и чая
  • сейф в номере
  • письменный стол
  • ТВ: каналы

Инфраструктура и услуги

  • Тип берега: песчаный пляж
  • открытый бассейн
  • ресторан
  • бар
  • wi-fi
  • wi-fi в лобби
  • комната для хранения багажа
  • обмен валюты
  • парковка

Обратите внимание! Отель оставляет за собой право изменять стоимость, виды услуг и время их предоставления в зависимости от сезона и погодных условий, включая названия номеров - без предварительного уведомления. Фото, размещенные на сайте joinup.ua могут отличаться от фотографий отелей в реальности. Согласно агентскому договору на реализацию турпродукта п.6.9. 6.10, туроператор, предоставляя информацию об отеле, руководствуется только классификацией отелей, которая предоставляется администрацией отеля. Также, туроператор не владеет информацией про планы отелей на проведение на территории отеля либо прилегающей территории строительных или ремонтных работ.

Отзывы с Tripadvisor

Trine S

OUR EXPERIENCE WITH THE HOTEL ‘LAZY BEACH HOTEL’ IN KENDWA. 11th - 19th of august 2021. When I booked this hotel in Denmark through booking.com, I booked Seaview and Jacuzzi, after booking the page refreshed and said congratulations on your booking.  Before flying I got an email that booking.com couldn’t draw the money and that I needed to update my credit card. I updated the card immediately. I checked with the hotel if I still had my reservation and they said yes. No money we’re drawn, so I figured I would just try to update the card again on arrival. I flew to Zanzibar and checked in at the hotel at the 10th of august. They led me to a standard room, which is not what I booked. I looked at my email from booking, and to my big surprise it said standard room - we know we did not book that, we were two people looking over the computer whilst booking, and we know we choose seaview and jacuzzi. Booking.com must have made a mistake in the process of our booking.  We explain to the hotel that booking.com has made a mistake and that we wish for a seaview room. The hotel tells us nothing is available, and we decide to book another hotel instead. We inform the hotel that we do not want the room as it’s filled with mould and fungus, has no view through the windows, is right next to a huge construction site, toilet is not working, no towels are there, almost no water pressure and the smell is unbearable - we inform that we wish to stay in another hotel - the reception say it’s totally fine and understandable, and since we have not paid for anything yet, all is good we are told. All of a sudden a manager called Ahmed shows up 10 minutes later, and tells us not to leave, as they have just gotten a cancellation for a seaview room with balcony on the 1st floor for the following day (11th of august through to the 19th). He shows us around at the hotel and shows us which room er will get the day after. We are super pleased and he tells us that he is happy he could fix the problem. He now tells us that we need to follow him to the reception and pay for the seaview room with credit card, directly to him, as the updated card on booking.com still isn’t working. I tell him, just to be sure he knows, that we will not pay to stay in the standard room, and that we will find another hotel if he cannot grant our wish. He tells me I’m silly and that I can trust him with the seaview room. We double check with him that, we will just stay in the standard room for one night, and that we will move to the seaview room the day after, and that the breakfast is included. He nods and says yes, and the entire reception hears that. We agree to pay, and we pay $568 directly to him by credit card. He tells us that he has been very sweet to us with the seaview room price, as he only charged us the standard room rate - so all is good and we are very happy. I ask when the room will be ready tomorrow, and he tells us that he will let us know as soon as it’s empty.  Next morning (11th of august) we go to the reception and ask when the room is ready, the receptionist now tells us that the seaview room is not available anyway and that we will need to stay in the standard room for the entire stay. We tell her this was not the agreement and we want our money back, so we can find another hotel, as states many times the day before. She tells us the manager will be back at around 3 in the afternoon, as he is out of town. In the mean time, as said the standard room is so heavily infested with mould and fungus that I have gotten sick and is required to go to the hospital. (I will attach photos)   When getting back from the hospital to the hotel at around 3 in the afternoon, we ask the receptionist when the manager will come - now she says he will come late in the evening as he is still out of town. We agree to wait for hours and hours for him. We ask her to call him many times and suddenly she gets a hold of him. He informs the receptionist that we need to cancel our booking on booking.com and then either him or booking will refund our money.  We get a hold of booking.com and is informed we can’t cancel the booking, but that booking.com can send a request for cancellation to the hotel, and that they need to approve it - booking.com sends two cancel requests and calls 3 times to the hotel - no answer. Funnily enough the hotel now says they have no computer or no phone. We say that cannot be true, someone must have access to a computer for the reservations and complaints.  We are now told that the hotel responsible for reservations and complaints regrind ‘lazy beach hotel’ is the hotel nearby called ‘Varaderro’ (400 meters from hotel). We are also told that they are the ones who needs to accept the email, but sadly they cannot do that as it’s a trainee by the computer in Varaderro, and that person cannot read an email (total lie we are sure). We are getting super tired and annoyed at this point. The manager doesn’t respond anymore and after waiting 7 hours in the reception and no money is yet returned and no emails to booking.com has been replied, we finally give up and go back into our infested room, which they tried to clean briefly but not at all to any satisfaction.  We decide late in the evening to try at go to Varaderra to see if it’s really true about the trainee. And right there, in the restaurant, sits the manager smoking water pipe and eating with friends. Guess he was not out of town after all. We go and address him and he laughs at our faces. We ask why he hasn’t replied all day and where he has been - he tells us he was at the Varaderro the entire time and only shortly away earlier the day. He knows about our problem and simply just shook his shoulders and keeps smiling at us saying “what can i do - i can do nothing”. We demand our money back as we did not get what we was promised, but he keeps telling us that he hasn’t gotten any email from booking.com and that he will not give us the money back - he says booking.com needs to, and that it will take 6 months for booking.com to process our money.  I tell him many times that this is outrageous and inform him that we do not trust the fact that he didn’t get any cancellation emails from booking.com - he shows us his phone, and all emails are deleted back to the 3rd of august. We say how funny it is he doesn’t have any emails from the past two weeks, but again he laughs and says you will not get your money from me, and “what can I do, I can do nothing”. We tell him that this is very bad for his company and that we will leave bad reviews telling this story and sharing the photos and videos we have. He again laughs and says “haha and I will just reply with the cancellation policy and no one can prove I offered you seaview room”. I ask him if he will be at the ‘lazy beach hotel’ the following day (12th of august) or if he will be “out of town” again - he tells us that we will be at the hotel the entire day, from morning to late evening. I ask him three times if he is sure, and he is. We then went back to our fungus room, and started packing our bags late in the night. Suddenly we receive an email from booking.com that the Lazy Beach Hotel did not accept our cancellation (so i guess they did receive the email), i find that highly strange when they were the ones asking us to cancel with booking.com, so we could get our money back - either from booking.com or directly from the manager Ahmed. Next morning, i go to the reception and ask for manager Ahmed and is now told he is not around and that they dont know when he will be back. I let another 30 minutes pass, ask again, and still no one can tell me where he is. We leave the lazy beach hotel in the afternoon on the 12th and we have finally arrived now in a decent nice hotel, which i would recommend to anyone! We need our money back desperately - we didn’t get what we was promised or what we paid for, and we received the worst of the worst customer service ever. Booking.com says that when we paid directly to him, he needs to refund directly to us on our credit card, as we made another specific booking with him on the seaview room. AHMED STOLE OUR MONEY AND WE ARE VERY SURE HE ABSOLELY KNEW THAT SEAVIEW ROOM WAS NEVER AVAILABLE! DONT EVER GO TO THIS HOTEL - IT WILL RUIN YOUR HOLIDAY COMPLETELY! Показать ещё